Reactions After Lulu Hassan Was Spotted Wearing Kamisi

A viral video featuring Lulu Hassan enjoying pleasant moments with her invited guests in the Citizen studio has garnered widespread attention online. What caught the eyes of many Kenyans was Lulu Hassan’s choice to wear a Kamisi during the interaction.

The Kamisi, once a popular inner garment among women in the millennial generation, was not only highly regarded but also considered a fashion statement. Interestingly, it is an attire that the Generation Z cohort tends to eschew, deeming it as a traditional garment.

Lulu’s decision to wear the Kamisi sparked various reactions among Kenyans. Some individuals derided her, suggesting that it represented a regression in fashion as contemporary trends evolved. Conversely, a significant portion of netizens commended Lulu for her choice, viewing it as a display of decency and identifying her as a potential wife material.

In the current generation, the Kamisi is a rarity, making it challenging to find in the market. Many young women nowadays opt for a more daring style, often forgoing undergarments altogether, citing concerns about infections and the desire for a breath of fresh air.

Contrary to prevailing trends, Lulu Hassan consistently upholds a modest and respectful dress code. As a practicing Muslim, she adheres to the principles guiding appropriate women’s attire, showcasing her commitment to cultural and religious values in the way she presents herself.