Ivy Namu Reveals She Was Afraid of Dating Willis Raburu After His Messy Divorce from Marya Prude

Content creator and influencer Ivy Namu recently shared her reservations about embarking on a romantic relationship with renowned TV star Willis Raburu in the wake of his divorce from ex-wife Marya Prude.

During an interview with Nation, Ivy disclosed her initial reluctance to pursue a relationship with Raburu after his highly publicized divorce, acknowledging that the scrutiny surrounding their split gave her pause.

“Once again, it felt like a test from God because I was well aware of what I was getting myself into. I had prepared myself since those close to me knew the truth, and I didn’t feel the need to justify myself. So, I allowed myself to fall in love, and the rest is history,” she shared candidly.

Reflecting on her journey, Ivy underscored the significance of maintaining privacy, a lesson she gleaned from Raburu’s previous marriage.

“I’ve come to appreciate the importance of privacy. When you’re not under the public eye, you tend to overlook the freedom of being able to go anywhere and do anything without scrutiny,” she remarked.

Moreover, Ivy confessed to exercising greater caution in sharing personal aspects of her life on social media following her relationship with Raburu.

Raburu and Marya Prude finalized their divorce in 2021. Raburu later opened up about the profound emotional toll of losing their daughter in December 2019 during an interview with Massawe Japanni Ea.

In a heartfelt conversation, Raburu detailed the overwhelming grief he endured following the loss of their child, underscoring the challenge of navigating his bereavement journey alone.

“At that time, I had only a handful of friends who provided me with support. While grieving, you might have a couple of people around you, but none truly understand the depth of your sorrow. It felt like an endless abyss, and I was lost,” he shared vulnerably.

Raburu further revealed the enduring impact of his daughter’s passing on his mental and emotional well-being, elucidating the difficulties he encountered in resuming his professional duties amidst his grief.

“I used to drive for hours, but oftentimes, my mind would wander. I sought therapy twice or sometimes once a week. It was agonizing, and the memories still haunt me. The hardest part was mustering the energy to return to work, especially for my TV show. During the broadcasts, it felt like I was putting on a facade, and afterward, the tears would flow on my way home,” Raburu expressed, highlighting the profound and enduring effects of his loss.