Ssaru Wa Manyaru Reveals why Her Dowry Is Ksh 1 Billion

Kenyan artist Ssaru wa Manyaru, aged 21, has sparked a contentious debate by revealing the substantial amount a man must pay for the privilege of marrying her.

During an interview with Plug TV, the renowned Kaskie Vibaya hitmaker boldly declared that her dowry stands at a staggering one billion dollars, emphasizing that anything less would not be considered.

In a self-assured manner, the musician expressed her lack of urgency in tying the knot, asserting that the dowry figure may escalate over time. She conveyed her sentiments by stating, “Let me tell you, I want to inform my current partner, but marriage is not on the immediate horizon for me. I prefer to wait for a few years. However, it’s worth noting that each passing year sees an increase in the dowry amount; it’s like clockwork, reaching a billion shillings effortlessly.”

Ssaru confidently asserted her self-worth, proclaiming:

After the video’s release on Nairobi Gossip’s Instagram account, fans responded with a range of reactions. Some comments included:

“😂😂😂😂 Seems like she’s talking about someone from Tanzania…because I don’t see that one billion leaving this place. 😂😂.”

“It’s like she’s addressing the Tanzanian crew 😂 okay then.”

“This is where women go wrong. This is a decision for the elders. Even if she says two chickens, fine. Done!”

“So if you’ve been told not to bring bad vibes to your territory, why complain 😂😂😂😂 just be careful with your comment; your father might end up paying that one billion 😂😂😂😂.”

“Then add an extra 100,000 for the marriage certificate 😂💔.”

“Or maybe that’s the title of her next song 😂.”