Yesu wa Tongaren allegedly Hospitalized After Drinking 20 Litres of Busaa daya After being Released from Police custody

In recent times, considerable attention has been drawn to an individual named Yesu wa Tongaren, who asserts himself to be the genuine Jesus. His followers claim that he has exhibited miraculous abilities, such as the purported transformation of water into tea. However, a wave of skepticism has swept through the community, with many questioning the authenticity of his claims.

Yesu wa Tongaren, whose actual name is Eliud Wekesa, has succeeded in garnering sizable congregations during his sermons in the Tongaren region of Kenya. Adherents believe in his reincarnation as Jesus, asserting that he is divinely appointed to bring salvation to the people. Allegedly, he has conducted various miracles, including the healing of the sick and the transformation of water into tea.

Nevertheless, a faction remains unconvinced, accusing Wekesa of perpetrating a hoax and exploiting vulnerable individuals. Some go as far as labeling him a cult leader, accusing him of manipulating his followers’ beliefs.

In a recent development, Wekesa was hospitalized at Kitale Hospital after consuming ten liters of the local brew, Busaa, during a birthday celebration with his followers. Reports indicate that his excessive alcohol consumption led to alcohol poisoning, prompting an urgent medical response.

This incident has intensified the controversy surrounding Wekesa. Some argue that it serves as evidence undermining his messianic claims, while others rally to his defense, citing the imperfections attributed to historical figures, including Jesus.

Irrespective of the authenticity of Wekesa’s identity as Jesus, it is evident that he commands a substantial following, and his teachings resonate with a significant number of people. The unfolding events remain uncertain, but one certainty persists – the controversy enveloping Yesu wa Tongaren is far from reaching a resolution.