Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi arrested outside Parliament for leading Mama Mboga Protest

Comedian and activist Eric Omondi is currently detained at the Parliament Police Station following his leadership of a demonstration outside the Parliament precincts.

The protest, organized under the banner “Mama Mboga Revolution,” saw Omondi and a group of around 200 women taking to the streets. The demonstrators carried placards with messages such as “Mama Mboga Revolution,” “Wabunge Wasaliti,” and “No to Finance Bill.”

Their actions temporarily disrupted traffic on Parliament Road until police intervened to clear the area. The demonstration was abruptly halted when police officers moved in to disperse the escalating protest. Despite being arrested, Omondi continued to shout and rally the protesters.

This is not Omondi’s first encounter with law enforcement. In February of last year, he was similarly arrested for leading protests against the high cost of living outside Parliament Buildings. Alongside other activists, Omondi blocked Parliament Road in an attempt to pressure the government into lowering the prices of basic commodities. In that instance, police officers used tear gas canisters to disperse the demonstrators.