Ringtone Apoko: CassyPool Snatched Moya David’s Sugarmummy . -

Ringtone Apoko: CassyPool Snatched Moya David’s Sugarmummy .

In a recent interview with Nicholas Kioko, Ringtone Apoko, a well-known and controversial Kenyan celebrity and self-proclaimed chairman of gospel music in Kenya, has made some serious allegations against CassyPool regarding the alleged snatching of Moya David’s supposed Sugar Mummy, Sofire.

According to Ringtone Apoko, CassyPool is believed to be the reason behind Moya David’s separation from Sofire. Apoko claims that CassyPool wanted to enjoy the same benefits and lifestyle that Moya was experiencing with Sofire. As a result, CassyPool acted as a snitch and successfully orchestrated the breakup between Moya and Sofire to seize those advantages for himself.

Furthermore, Ringtone revealed that the car (TX) gifted to Moya by Sofire was repossessed, and it’s now CassyPool who is driving it. This fact strongly suggests that CassyPool indeed benefited from their separation and has now taken Moya David’s place in Sofire’s life.

Ringtone Apoko also expressed his skepticism about CassyPool’s intentions in defending Sofire and acting as her spokesperson. He believes that CassyPool’s actions are driven by ulterior motives, particularly a desire to exploit Sofire’s wealth and indulge in the lavish lifestyle that comes with being associated with a wealthy woman.

In conclusion, the situation involving Ringtone Apoko, CassyPool, Moya David, and Sofire remains controversial and has sparked debates within Kenyan circles. It is essential to note that these are allegations made by Ringtone, and the truth behind these claims has yet to be verified. As the story continues to unfold, it is essential to approach it with a critical mind and consider all perspectives before forming any definitive conclusions.