” Millicent Omanga Hatumii Akili” Eric Omondi Firesback at the Former Senator. -

” Millicent Omanga Hatumii Akili” Eric Omondi Firesback at the Former Senator.

After being released from Central Police Station, Eric Omondi, a well-known and controversial Kenyan celebrity and self-proclaimed president of comedy, responded to former nominated senator Millicent Omanga’s criticism. While Eric was in police custody, Omanga, known for sharing controversial tweets online, attacked him by calling him a clout chaser who is just trying to gain more followers and remain relevant.

In response, many Kenyans came out in support of Eric and attacked Omanga, claiming that she is out of touch with the reality on the ground, where the cost of living is high. Some even used vulgar language to criticize the former senator.

During an interview with Vincent Mboya, Eric thanked his supporters and the Kenyan people for defending him and criticizing Omanga online. He accused Omanga of lacking common sense and stated that this was one of the reasons why she did not win the women’s representative seat. Eric claimed that Omanga doesn’t know what is happening on the ground and that, rather than supporting him, she is only making her own statements.

Eric stated that he cannot use people’s lives as a way to gain clout. He said that people are suffering, and instead of supporting him, Omanga is just criticizing him. Eric also made it clear that he is not funded by any political organization or movement and is ready to die for Kenyans. He announced that his next step is to go to the State House and continue his demonstrations for the benefit of the Kenyan people.