SHOCK ! Man Imprisoned After Killing And Feeding On His Mother Meat -
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SHOCK ! Man Imprisoned After Killing And Feeding On His Mother Meat

A man by the name Alberto Sanchez Gomez has been sentenced to 15 years and 5 months imprisonment in the wake of killing and feeding on his mother. The 15 years are for committing murder and the 5 months for decertation of a corpse.

The man was arrested after her mom, Maria Soledad Gomez disappeared for a month and they used to share a house. After intensive hunt the authorities discovered the remains of the woman in a Tupper ware boxes. The man admitted to have killed his mom, cut up her body and feed on her for 15 days.

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The man killed his mom by choking her after a an argument , chopped the body using a saw and two kitchen blades. He then stored the pieces in the freezer and stuffed the waste into plastics packs before throwing it away.

The man is supposed to pay an additional 73,000$ to his brother as a compensation after the court rejected the defense’s plea which claimed that Alberto was psychologically disturbed while committing the heinous act.

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