Mambo Imechemka, Krg The Don Fails To Show Up For The awaited DNA Test. -

Mambo Imechemka, Krg The Don Fails To Show Up For The awaited DNA Test.

In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated DNA test to determine the paternity of Yvonne Njoki, the alleged daughter of self-proclaimed billionaire Krg the Don, took an unexpected twist as Krg failed to appear for the scheduled test. The absence of the music sensation has sparked speculation and raised doubts about the truth behind the paternity allegations.

The meeting point was set at Kiambu Road, where Krg, Yvonne, and her mother were supposed to gather for a brief discussion before proceeding to undergo the DNA test. However, as time ticked away, Krg failed to make an appearance, leaving the interviewers and Yvonne’s family bewildered and disappointed.

Nicholas Kioko, the interviewer, made multiple attempts to contact Krg the Don, but all calls went unanswered, indicating that the musician had deliberately chosen not to attend the test. This unexpected behavior from Krg has ignited conjecture about his motives, with many speculating that he may be hiding something or fearing the outcome of the DNA test.

Yvonne’s mother expressed her deep disappointment at Krg’s no-show, firmly believing that he is fully aware of the truth and merely pretending otherwise. She even divulged the derogatory names Krg had been associated with in the past, further adding fuel to the fire of the ongoing controversy.

Despite this setback, both Yvonne and her mother remain resolute in their pursuit of the truth. Determined to unveil the reality behind the paternity claims, they have vowed to persist in their efforts to persuade Krg to join them for the DNA test, ensuring that the facts are brought to light.

During a previous interview, Krg displayed a nonchalant attitude towards the impending DNA results, asserting that regardless of the outcome, he would continue to take care of Yvonne, ensuring her education and overall well-being. However, his absence from the scheduled test raises doubts about the sincerity of his earlier statements.

As Kenyans eagerly await further developments in this high-profile saga, the absence of Krg the Don has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the truth surrounding Yvonne’s paternity. Will Krg eventually face the DNA test, or are there deeper reasons behind his absence? The nation remains on edge as the search for answers continues.

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