“Nilimwambia, Hapa Usiponipea Mimba Hauko Fertile” Nadia Mukami Recalls the Day She Was Impregnated By Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have officially joined the ranks of parenthood, proudly sharing the news with the public. Mama Haseeb Kai, known widely as Nadia Mukami, openly disclosed the moment she conceived with Arrow Bwoy.

The genesis of their journey to parenthood unfolded in Zanzibar, as revealed in the second part of their pregnancy series. Nadia unveiled that Arrow Bwoy played a significant role in making her pregnant while they were in Zanzibar, shooting the video for their collaboration, “Raha.”

Amid the joyous occasion, the couple unintentionally overlooked medical advice instructing them to abstain for at least three months due to Nadia’s past miscarriage. Despite the doctor’s caution, they found themselves engrossed in the special moment they shared.

The initiation of this journey was initiated by Nadia Mukami herself, expressing her desire to conceive. In a playful challenge, she dared Arrow Bwoy, asserting that if he couldn’t make her pregnant, questions about his fertility would arise. This lighthearted dare eventually led to the conception. Six weeks later, Nadia began experiencing the telltale signs of pregnancy.

Upon confirming her pregnancy at the hospital, Nadia immediately shared the joyous news with Arrow Bwoy. Despite a brief period of tension in their relationship, Arrow Bwoy eventually responded, and the couple went together to verify the pregnancy. This pivotal moment marked the strengthening of their bond.

The pregnancy journey, however, wasn’t without its challenges. Nadia Mukami faced difficulties as she continued to fulfill professional commitments, including performing at shows for extended durations. The strain became evident during their two-month tour in the United States, prompting Nadia to make the tough decision to cancel some shows and return home.

Reflecting on the hurdles they overcame, Nadia expressed gratitude to God for guiding them through thick and thin, ultimately solidifying their commitment to each other.