Brian Chira cousin gets full scholarship to study abroad

Brian Chira’s cousin has received uplifting news amidst the somber atmosphere surrounding their family: he has secured a sponsor to finance his education.

In a heartfelt live session on TikTok, user MC Chris shared this heartwarming development. With genuine warmth and encouragement, MC Chris announced that Brian’s cousin had been granted educational sponsorship by an individual based in the United States.

“Now you have found a sponsor. You’ve found someone who believes in your education, and they’re in the US. They will cover your educational expenses,” MC Chris expressed affectionately as he embraced the young boy.

In response to the fantastic news, Chira’s cousin couldn’t contain his smile, though he bashfully looked down while clutching his jacket.

“Keep working hard until you make it to the US,” MC Chris encouraged the beaming young boy, who couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear upon hearing the news.

The young man had been left in a precarious situation following Chira’s untimely demise, as the deceased TikToker had been responsible for funding his schooling.

Meanwhile, arrangements for the burial of TikToker Brian Chira, who tragically lost his life in a road accident, have been finalized for Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Baba Talisha, an online personality who has been providing updates since Chira’s passing, has played a crucial role in disseminating information about the funeral proceedings.

Viewing of Brian Chira’s body will take place as follows: his body will be transported from the Kenyatta University (KU) mortuary to Githunguri Kiarie for burial on the designated date.

Baba Talisha clarified that there will be no opportunity for viewing the body after it leaves the mortuary. Those wishing to pay their respects and view the body must do so at the morgue between 6 am and approximately 8 am.

Adhering to the customs of the Kikuyu community, there will be no further viewing of the body at home after it leaves the mortuary, as mentioned by Baba Talisha.

The burial site for Chira will be his grandmother’s ancestral home. However, the residents of his grandmother’s current residence have declined to host the body and have expressed their reluctance to be involved in any funeral arrangements.

Consequently, there may be limited participation from other family members in the funeral proceedings.

“The body of Chira will be buried where his grandmother hailed from. The residents where she currently resides refused to have the body brought there and have distanced themselves from any funeral arrangements. So if you notice any absence of family members in the program, that’s the reason,” Baba Talisha explained.

Before the burial, a candle-lighting ceremony will be conducted at a location that will be announced later. This event will offer an opportunity for friends, family, and well-wishers to gather and pay tribute to the memory of Brian Chira.