Content Creator Njoki Murira Building Her Parents a New House -

Content Creator Njoki Murira Building Her Parents a New House

Manzi Wa Kibera, a highly controversial Kenyan socialite, recently revealed her updated rate card, causing quite a stir among her followers. The self-proclaimed queen of clout has made it clear that her prices have significantly increased, and that those wishing to engage with her must be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money.

In an interview, Manzi Wa Kibera stated that her new prices include a one night stand package for Ksh 1.5 million. This package includes her cooking for the client, washing clothes, and satisfying their every desire. She also revealed that her charges for club appearances are Ksh 100,000 per minute, with the price varying depending on the club. Additionally, she charges different amounts for photos with fans, with a smiling selfie with her costing Ksh 35,000.

Manzi Wa Kibera justified her new prices by stating that it is her business and she is worth the amount she charges. However, she also added an additional fee for a photo with fellow socialite Pritty Vishy, stating that the price for such a photo would be Ksh 100,000 and that she would not be smiling in the picture.

Overall, Manzi Wa Kibera’s rate card has caused quite a stir among her followers and has sparked debate among those in the socialite scene. Whether or not her prices are justified remains to be seen, but it is clear that the queen of clout is not afraid to ask for what she believes she is worth.