Sexydiva: I Earn KSh 1.12 Million per Month Dressing 5 Dead Bodies in Belgium

Renowned as Sexydiva on TikTok, a prominent social media platform, this influencer also serves as a mortuary attendant in Belgium, providing a unique perspective into her profession.

Sexydiva recently divulged details about her intriguing career, unveiling that she rakes in a remarkable monthly income of KSh 1.12 million. In doing so, she sheds light on the often enigmatic world of mortuary work.

Through a TikTok video that later circulated on Facebook, Sexydiva offered a glimpse into her daily routine, highlighting the intricacies of her job, which involves dressing around five deceased bodies each day.

Underscoring courage and fearlessness as essential qualities for her role, Sexydiva candidly conveyed that individuals lacking a pure heart may find the job to be challenging. Her openness about the difficulties inherent in her profession has ignited discussions and curiosity among social media users.

Social media enthusiasts have expressed admiration for Sexydiva’s boldness, strength, and positive spirit. The revelation has sparked diverse reactions, with viewers applauding her transparency and offering words of encouragement. Victor Owusu underscored the significance of finding passion in one’s work, asserting that success often follows genuine interest and dedication.

Simultaneously, Kwame Oteng lauded Sexydiva’s character, describing her as humane, bold, strong, and possessing a positive spirit. One particularly intriguing aspect that has captivated many is the fact that Sexydiva, despite being a mother of nine children, continues to thrive in her profession and maintains a youthful appearance. Cornelius Opoku-Mensah expressed awe at her accomplishments, stating, “Eii, she has 9 children… and she’s still young wow!!!! You are a great woman aunty Vida.”