Busia girl Who Scored 336 Marks in KCPE in Tears as Poor Father Fails to Raise Funds to Join Form One

As candidates who participated in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) begin their enrollment in various schools, Odhiambo Kamau is confronted with a distressing predicament. His daughter, Lindah Akinyi, remains at home a week after the commencement of Form One admissions countywide.

During the interview, Odhiambo, a resident of Esivembe village in Butula Constituency, Busia County, revealed that he had not eaten breakfast or lunch, highlighting his current unemployment status. His sole means of income involves felling a few trees, which he plants for charcoal production to make ends meet.

“I have single-handedly raised my daughter from primary school, but at this point, I am unemployed, and I lack the means to raise funds for her boarding school fees. Currently, I’ve resorted to cutting down trees and burning charcoal just to put food on the table,” expressed Odhiambo.

Meanwhile, Lindah Akinyi, who scored 336 marks in KCPE and was set to join St. Cecilia Girls Secondary School in Misikhu, Bungoma County, appealed for assistance, expressing doubt about her chances of joining Form One due to her father’s financial instability.

“I feel like my father has no capability to take me to school. I would like to appeal to Kenyans to help me so that I can pursue higher education. If you can assist me, I will also be able to contribute positively in the future,” she tearfully narrated.

It is worth noting that the 14-year-old girl has reportedly attempted self-harm multiple times, contemplating her educational prospects and the challenges of continuing her studies.

“If I don’t find a good Samaritan, I might be forced into engaging in criminal activities, which are currently prevalent in our village,” she warned.