Kisii Gospel Artist Embarambamba banned from attending government ceremonies. -

Kisii Gospel Artist Embarambamba banned from attending government ceremonies.

Kisii’S Chris Mosioma also known as Embarambamba has released a mourning song for late President Mwai Kibaki.

The notable gospel artist let Word know that he decided to celebrate Kenya’s third president with a song as he didn’t get a chance to perform while he was alive.

Despite the fact that he would want to perform at Kibaki’s burial service, he has been banned from performing in government functions.

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“The last time Uhuru came to Kisii, I was told to reduce my dramas because they were afraid I would create tension,” he said.

“Mimi ni mtu poa tu na najua kujiendesha, nikipata nafasi nitakuwa poa sana, nipo Kisii na siwezi hata kuenda kutazama mwili wa Rais wetu Bungeni,” concluded

Video of the tune he made for Kibaki is viral on social media.

In the video, Embarambamba is sitting in a maize field wearing a torn red suit.

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Then, at that point, he gets up and begins strolling to and fro asking, “”Kifo umechukua Kibaki wapi ?”

In his style, Embarambamba then hurls himself entirely into a muddy pond before climbing a tree while grieving.

“Kibaki ohhh. Kibaki umeenda wapi? Umefuata Moi”

Embarambamba said he would remember President Kibaki for starting free schooling and giving Kenyans a new constitution.

Noticing he was following his mom who was performing for President Daniel Moi in Kisii.

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“Nina talanta nyingi na nimekuwa kwenye tasnia kwa miaka 11.”

In a past meeting, Embarambamba said he chose to make an alternate gospel music by embedding a play.

He expressed gratitude toward his better half for remaining close to him, saying he was the person who washed his muddy clothes after the show.