Several people feared dead after storey building collapses in Muranga

Murang’a County was struck by a devastating incident when a construction building, still under development, collapsed, leaving several construction workers feared dead and trapped inside the debris. The catastrophic event occurred along Jua Kali road in Muranga Town, sending shockwaves through the community as cries for help emanated from those trapped beneath the rubble.

In response to the distress calls, the local authorities, including the police and disaster management experts from Murang’a County Government, swiftly mobilized and converged at the scene. The area became inundated with hundreds of concerned residents, anxiously awaiting updates and hoping for a miracle.

Taking charge of the situation, County Police Commander David Mathiu led the police in maintaining order amidst the growing crowd. By 5.45 pm, three fortunate workers had been rescued from the debris, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos and despair.

An eyewitness, John Maguta, recounted the harrowing moment when the building collapsed while he happened to be at a nearby petrol station. According to Maguta, the building began to tilt before succumbing to gravity, yet the collapse was somewhat slowed down by a slope adjacent to the structure. The incident prompted an immediate response from Maguta and other bystanders, who rushed to the scene in a desperate attempt to assist those trapped inside.

Jane Wambui, who happened to be passing along Jua Kali road at the time of the collapse, described the scene as horrific. The anguished screams of the trapped individuals echoed through the air, creating a heart-wrenching atmosphere. Wambui, a local banana vendor, expressed her shock and sadness over the unfortunate turn of events.

As word spread about the incident, the crowd swelled and surged forward toward the building, hindering the progress of the rescue team. Despite the best efforts of the authorities, the commotion made it increasingly challenging to advance and effectively carry out the rescue operation. Regrettably, one incident occurred where a young person was involved in a confrontation with the police after attempting to throw a stone.

However, after two hours had elapsed since the collapse, a kind-hearted individual named Karunji Thayu arrived at the scene with his earth-moving equipment, having driven all the way from Maragua. Thayu’s selfless act aimed to contribute to the ongoing rescue efforts and provide assistance where desperately needed.

Speaking about the ongoing operation, Police Commander Mathiu expressed that the authorities were collaborating closely with the rescue team to reach and save those who remained trapped. With the exact number of individuals still inside the debris uncertain, every effort was being made to access them and offer the necessary help during this challenging time.

The situation in Murang’a serves as a somber reminder of the dangers associated with construction work and the urgent need for stringent safety measures. As the rescue operation continues, the community stands united in the hope that more lives can be saved, and that such tragic incidents can be prevented in the future.