Ssaru, “Ngesh Anilipe 1 Million Nimueke tu Chorus, ata Mimi Hizo Collabo Sikupata Rahisi.”

Kenyan rapper, singer, and songwriter Sylvia Ssaru has disclosed the financial requirement for a collaboration with fellow artist Ngesh, the popular ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ hitmaker.

Fans across social media platforms have been clamoring for a collaboration between Ssaru and Ngesh, recognizing their natural talent and predicting an instant hit if they were to join forces on a song.

Responding to the public demand, Ssaru, known for her hit track ‘Kaskie Vibaya,’ explained that securing a collaboration with an established artist is not always an easy task. She recalled her own struggles when she was starting out in the industry.

Ssaru advised Ngesh, the ‘Cash Crop za Nyandarua ni Mawaru’ sensation, to pay her an amount of Ksh 1 million for a feature on the chorus of a song.

Ngesh, also known as Wangechi of the Spider Clan group, gained admiration for her amiable nature, as well as her recent hit single ‘Rieng Genje.’

During an interview with the YouTube channel Kloth Talk Show on May 23, Ngesh expressed her desire to collaborate with Ssaru. She announced that they would be releasing another track for the Spider Clan group the following month, with her singing the chorus and eagerly anticipating working with Ssaru and Reckless.

In a separate interview with Mungai Eve, Ssaru offered some advice to Ngesh, who is currently in the spotlight due to her trending song. Ssaru acknowledged that Ngesh’s most popular track is commendable.

“The song is not bad because when you see people loving it, it’s a good sign. Personally, there’s a part that I find catchy, but she needs to understand that if she wants to enter this industry, she has to do better. Kenyans will hype you up and then forget about you over time. The industry is tough, so if she wants people to take her seriously, she should be prepared to exceed the current standard.”