Its all good life for sauti sol back in cape Town (South Africa)

Sauti Sol, Cape Town 9

Just a day in the wake of originating from Naivasha on a chopper, the high flying Sauti Sol flew out of the nation for Cape Town on Monday.

The sura yako hit-creators have through their social networking records, uncovered that they won’t be in Johannesburg for exhibitions yet there for a couple of days of holidaying and music-related undertakings with a gathering known as MiCasa.

Indeed, concerning the music venture part, they’ve met with MiCasa. Also, for the holidaying bit, the four man band has had a ton of fun of sky-making the plunge the South-African skies. The following are a few photographs they posted on their Facebook.

Sauti Sol, Cape Town 15

Sauti Sol, Cape Town 2
Sauti Sol, Cape Town 5

Sauti Sol, Cape Town 7

Sauti Sol, Cape Town 8

Sauti Sol, Cape Town 14

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