24-year-old man kills his 40-year-old lover in Mwingi over cheating claims

Police have initiated an investigation following the death of a 40-year-old woman, Seral, who was allegedly killed by her 24-year-old lover, Mbuvi, during an argument over infidelity in Kyethani, Mwingi West, Kitui County.

Mbuvi narrowly escaped being lynched by an enraged mob after confessing to the crime. Kyethani Location Chief Mwikali Musili confirmed the incident, stating he faced significant challenges in protecting the suspect from the violent crowd.

“The suspect admitted to killing the woman after a disagreement,” Chief Musili reported. “He claimed they lived together as a couple, but conflicts arose recently when another man from Garissa entered the picture.”

The chief further revealed that Mbuvi had initially worked for Seral before their relationship turned romantic.

Seral’s body has been transported to the mortuary at Mwingi Level 4 Hospital, while Mbuvi is currently receiving medical treatment at the same hospital.