“Nilienda Hosi kwa Daktari nikamwambia Ashukishe Mzigo,” Justina Syokau

Justina Syokau, the popular artist behind the hit song “Twendy Twendy,” recently sat down for an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV 47. During the interview, the talented yet controversial singer delved into various aspects of her music career and personal life.

In a candid conversation with Dr. Ofweneke, Justina Syokau revealed that she is still single and actively searching for a husband. She opened up about her struggles in finding a life partner throughout 2022.

“Mimi niko Soko. I am still single. Bado sijapata bwana,” Justina confided in Dr. Ofweneke.

She explained that her attempts to find a husband were unsuccessful, sharing her experience of pursuing several Kenyan celebrities without any positive outcomes.

“Last year, I had a crush on Ryvanny. However, he made it clear that he was interested in a collaboration rather than a romantic relationship,” she expressed.

Justina also admitted to having feelings for gospel singer Ringtone Apoko, but later discovered that he was fabricating his lavish lifestyle. After thorough investigation, she found out that Apoko didn’t possess the extravagant wealth he claimed to have.

“I also had a crush on Ringtone Apoko. I really wanted him, but I realized that things like a mansion and luxury cars were just empty claims,” she added.

Regarding the qualities she seeks in a husband, Justina emphasized the importance of immense wealth and sexual compatibility.

“Mimi nataka mtu mwenye ako na pesa. Probably a billionaire. Mwenye tukienda supermarket nachukua chenye nataka. But lazima akuwe fiti kwa kitanda, otherwise hatutakuwa tunafanya kazi yeyote.” (I want someone who is wealthy. Probably a billionaire. When we go to the supermarket, I can pick whatever I want. But he must be great in bed, otherwise we won’t be productive in any way.)

Justina Syokau also shared the story behind her enlarged buttocks, revealing that it cost her three million Kenyan shillings to undergo the procedure in the United States. Unfortunately, the initial operation didn’t go as planned, and she had to seek corrections, spending an additional 600,000 Kenyan shillings.

“Nilienda US nikaambia daktari atoe mafuta kwa tumbo na mgongo aweke nyuma. The process cost me 3 million. But baadaye niligudua ilikuwa inakaa vibaya. Ilikuwa inahitaji maintenance. It was so heavy plus ilikuwa imehang side moja.” (I went to the US and asked the doctor to remove fat from my stomach and back and place it in my buttocks. The process cost me 3 million. But later, I realized it wasn’t looking right. It required maintenance. It was so heavy, and it was hanging on one side.)

Justina expressed her plans to take a break and relax in 2023, declaring it to be her year of boundaries expansion.

“2023 ni mwaka wangu wa kupumzika nikipanuliwa mipaka.” (2023 is my year to rest while expanding my boundaries.)

Addressing the controversy surrounding her hit song “Twendy Twendy,” Justina Syokau clarified that she did not include the word “kupanuliwa” (expansion) just for the sake of popularity. According to her, the word signifies extension, which aligns with the message she wanted to convey.

Furthermore, she dismissed claims that her songs bring bad luck or omens. Dr. Ofweneke pointed out that Justina