“Roga Mume Wako Na Mapenzi”: Justina Syokau Tells Women In Love

Just a few months after reportedly tying the knot, the artist behind the hit song “Twendi Twendi” has transitioned into a marriage advisor, urging women to incorporate romanticism into their relationships.

Justina Syokau emphasizes that the key to a man’s heart, as a woman, lies in displaying care, respect, honor, and romance within the confines of a relationship.

“I have been blessed in 2023; I found a husband in the same year. I am truly enjoying my marriage. If you are married, show your man love,” Justina stated.

She goes on to share practical advice, noting that men are not impressed by displays on Instagram or TikTok. Instead, she encourages women to demonstrate affection to their partners and shower them with love.

In a viral video where she claimed to be a few months pregnant during a conversation with Trudy Kitui, the mother of one passionately expressed her views, occasionally spitting saliva.

As individuals take breaks from work, Justina takes the opportunity to encourage women in love to authentically express their feelings to solidify their relationships.

“Now is the time to show love to each other. When your husband comes home from work, take off his shoes, wash his feet with warm water, and lead him to the bedroom. Ensure you have applied a captivating perfume. Display love to your husband until he brings you whatever you desire,” she added.

Furthermore, Justina revealed that she won’t be releasing the song for 2024, citing her focus on her new marital commitment.