Retired Police Officer Builds Lavish Grave of 7 Million Shillings and Buys a Three Million Shilling Coffin as Preparations for the Future

In the Kilimanjaro region, a retired police officer named Sabasita has captured attention and sparked astonishment by undertaking an unusual project – the construction of an elaborate grave and the acquisition of a lavish coffin, all in anticipation of his eventual demise.

Over the course of two years, Mr. Sabasita meticulously crafted his final resting place on the outskirts of his homestead, enclosed by a sturdy stone wall. The grave’s surroundings are adorned with an array of pictures, featuring images of himself in military uniform and photographs of Tanzanian presidents, creating a distinctive ambiance at the burial site.

Adding a personal touch, a banner displaying the various ranks he held during his tenure as a police officer is affixed to one wall. This unique choice prompts the question of why a retired officer would choose to construct his own grave while still alive – an act that may seem eccentric to some.

Mr. Sabasita, however, asserts that he is in sound mind and has not lost his mental faculties. He clarified that his motive behind this unconventional endeavor is rooted in proactive planning for his future. Drawing from the difficulties he witnessed during the funerals of his late parents in 1995, he seeks to avoid similar challenges and reduce the financial burden on his family.

“I have undertaken this endeavor while I am still in good health and have some resources at my disposal. I am doing this to preempt the hardships I observed when my parents passed away in 1995. I am also doing this to reduce the financial burden on my family and to remind people that death is inevitable. As we age, our time on this earth decreases every day,” explained Mr. Sabasita.

He revealed that the construction of the grave has cost him nearly seven million Tanzanian shillings to date. Additionally, he is in the final stages of preparing his coffin, which is estimated to cost an additional three million shillings. Mr. Sabasita emphasized that, aside from the grave and coffin, he has not made any other preparations for his eventual passing. However, he mentioned that his will is currently being prepared by legal experts.