Nairobi Woman Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Cheating On Her, Pours Acid On Him

A recent incident in Kenya has shocked many as a young woman, identified as Esther, reportedly resorted to a horrific act of pouring acid on her boyfriend, Kelvin Pogo, accusing him of infidelity. Tragically, it was later revealed that her suspicions were unfounded.

Esther, aged 28, allegedly purchased a litre of sulphuric acid online and used it to attack her 29-year-old boyfriend, leaving him with severe, life-altering scars on his face and body. Kelvin, now bearing the physical and emotional scars of the attack, expressed his ongoing trauma, stating, “Every day I wake up is like the day she attacked me. It’s like time has stopped. Every time there is a knock at the door I’m scared someone is going to hurt me. She used to be my world and she did this to me. I just can’t understand it.”

Adding to the horror, Esther reportedly poured additional acid on Kelvin while he was already suffering from his wounds, compounding his agony. The incident unfolded as Kelvin sought respite on the couch to tend to his injuries.

Following the attack, Kelvin, in a state of anguish, fled from their residence, screaming for help. Fortunately, a member of the public came to his aid and ensured he received the necessary medical attention.

This appalling incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of unchecked emotions and the importance of seeking peaceful resolutions to conflicts. The physical and psychological toll inflicted upon Kelvin underscores the urgency of addressing such acts of violence and ensuring justice for the victims.