“Apende Asipende Atapigwa” – Ringtone Apoko CLAIMS Akothee Is Controlling, Warns Omosh That He Will Be Beaten

During an interview with YouTubers Nicholas Kioko and Vincent Mboya, Ringtone expressed his admiration for Akothee’s marriage to Omondi, stating that she has set an example for him to follow.

“I want to congratulate Akothee on her marriage to Omondi. She has opened the door for the rest of us to consider marriage,” Ringtone acknowledged.

He went on to emphasize that Akothee was the one who proposed to Omosh, highlighting her assertive nature and suggesting that she would be the one in charge in their relationship.

“Akothee is not someone who can be easily married. Who can marry Akothee? No, Akothee is the one who gets married. If Omosh misbehaves, she beats him. If he refuses to wash the dishes, she beats him. If he refuses to fetch water, she beats him. If he agrees, he still gets beaten. Whether he likes it or not, he will be beaten. Omosh will be beaten severely. He will be in trouble,” Ringtone claimed.

He further alleged that Omosh genuinely loves Akothee but is unaware of her true nature.

“Omosh might have loved Akothee, but he didn’t know who she really is. Now that he’s married, he will be subjected to beatings. He will be beaten by her,” Ringtone asserted.

Ringtone advised Omosh to speak up if Akothee starts physically abusing him, assuring him of support from others.

“Furthermore, I want to tell Omosh that if he gets beaten, he shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. We are here, and we will stand up for him. We have the power to defend Omosh against Akothee,” he declared.