Eastlands President: I Don’t Date Broke Girls , Nimepiga Mechi Madem 3000 na Bado sijachoka

In a recent interview with Plug Tv, the Eastlando President, who gained widespread attention for his controversial actions, opened up about his dating preferences and his astonishing body count. With an air of confidence, he declared that he exclusively pursues relationships with wealthy women, stating that he values himself highly and cannot entertain the idea of dating someone who lacks financial means. To him, being with a financially stable partner is a reflection of his own status and self-respect.

Furthermore, Eastlando President emphasized that his dating choices are rooted in reciprocity. Just as many women seek affluent partners, he, too, sets a high standard for his potential companions, requiring them to be affluent and capable of providing for him. This assertion highlights his firm belief that both partners should contribute to a relationship’s financial aspects, fostering a sense of balance and equality.

In a surprising revelation, Eastlando President disclosed his body count, a topic usually kept private by individuals. He boldly stated that he had ceased counting the number of women he had been intimate with, emphasizing that he doesn’t maintain relationships for more than a year. He candidly revealed that he had stopped keeping track after reaching 3000 intimate encounters, implying that his body count far exceeded that number. This admission speaks to his unapologetic attitude towards his personal choices and his clear intention to continue pursuing a lifestyle characterized by a high level of physical intimacy.