Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan Reveals Why You Will Never Find Her Name in Unnecessary Drama Unlike Other kenyan Celebrities

Citizen TV News Anchor Lulu Hassan has shared why her name is rarely associated with unnecessary drama, setting her apart from other celebrities.

In a recent interview, Lulu, who is also the CEO of Jiffy Pictures, revealed her strategy for avoiding drama: maintaining a small, close-knit circle of friends.

“I keep a very limited circle of friends. Having too many people around can lead to complications and conflicts. I also prioritize my family and a select few friends who contribute positively to my growth,” she explained.

Lulu distinguishes between her professional relationships and personal friendships within the media industry.

While she appreciates her colleagues, she recognizes that most interactions are work-related, with only a few evolving into genuine friendships.

“It’s essential to understand that once work ends, they may not be there for you. Only a small percentage of them transcend professional boundaries to become genuine friends. If you fall sick, that is when you will realize you don’t have many friends in the industry,” she noted.

Looking forward, Lulu hopes to be remembered as one of Kenya’s finest journalists and to inspire the next generation to surpass her achievements.

“I aspire to be remembered as one of Kenya’s finest journalists,” she stated.