“Nataka yawe makubwa vizuri”: Zuchu makes shocking request to Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian music sensation Zuchu has ignited a storm of reactions among her fans following a recent video where she asks her boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz, to fund her breast enlargement surgery. The Sukari hitmaker’s audacious request has sparked widespread discussion across social media platforms.

In the video, Zuchu is seen walking with Diamond Platnumz and casually brings up the topic of breast enhancement. She is heard saying, “Nataka kuenda kufanya surgery ya manyonyo. Nifanye yawe makubwa kidogo,” which translates to, “I want to go for breast surgery. Make them a bit bigger.”

Diamond, engrossed in his phone, responds affirmatively to Zuchu’s persistent queries. “You still love me?” Zuchu asks, seeking his attention. She continues, “So I should go? You will pay for the surgery?” Diamond replies, “Yes,” prompting Zuchu to playfully reiterate her request, “You gonna pay for them titties? I want new tits. Si utanilipia? Nitatibiwa kwa hela zako?”

However, Diamond Platnumz also expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with plastic surgery. He cautioned Zuchu about the dangers, including cancer and other severe complications that many women face after undergoing such procedures.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz’s relationship has been under public scrutiny for several years. Although Diamond Platnumz tends to acknowledge their relationship publicly only when pressed, the couple’s frequent appearances together continue to fuel speculation about their future.