‘I forgive him,’ Police officer forgives driver 19YR who beat him in Kasarani

The Kasarani, Nairobi police officer who endured an attack while on duty has extended forgiveness to the teenager responsible. This gesture of forgiveness comes amid heightened concerns over the treatment of Ian Njoroge during his arrest.

The decision to forgive Njoroge was prompted by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s intervention. In a phone call recording made public by Sonko on June 5, 2024, Officer Ogendo expressed a willingness to meet with Njoroge’s family to pursue reconciliation and extend forgiveness.

As part of the arrangement, Njoroge’s family is required to issue a public apology to both Ogendo and the national police service. “Even though I am hurt, I will agree to forgive him,” affirmed Ogendo.

Ian Njoroge faces charges of robbery with violence, assault, and resisting arrest at the Milimani Law Courts. In the midst of the legal proceedings, Ogendo vehemently refuted allegations of soliciting a bribe from the driver involved in the incident.

During the court hearing on June 4, the defense asserted that Ogendo had demanded Ksh10,000 from Njoroge, who had purportedly committed a traffic offense. Njoroge, appearing before Magistrate Ben Mark Ekhubi, faced severe charges including robbery with violence causing grievous harm and resisting arrest.

However, Njoroge denied all charges, while the prosecution, led by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), advocated for his detention pending further investigation.

Despite objections from Njoroge’s legal team, the court granted the prosecution one day to detain Njoroge at Industrial Area prison for medical evaluation at Kenyatta Hospital.

Njoroge stands accused of stealing a police communication device and a phone valued at Ksh50,000 from Corporal Ogendo, in addition to inflicting serious harm upon him.