Meet Popular Kameme FM Fan and Millionaire Alex wa Jamii Pishori Rice [PHOTOS]

Alex Mwangi, also known as Alex wa Jamii Pishori Rice, left his village in Mugoiri area of Kiharu Constituency, Murang’a County in search of a way to make a living. He eventually settled in Mwea, Kirinyaga County, where he worked in rice farms. Today, he is a millionaire with a successful rice brand, “Jamii Pishori Rice.”

Alex is a well-known personality on Kameme FM and Kameme TV, with many presenters regularly mentioning him. His fame has extended to other radio stations like Gukena FM of the Radio Africa Media Group, but it is on Mediamax Limited owned-stations where he dominates the airwaves. In fact, he is one of Kameme Radio’s top ten fans, and Kikuyu musicians often mention him in their hit songs.

Alex attributes his success to his love for radio stations, particularly Kameme FM, which he has been listening to since 2009. He spends most of his time in his farms in Mwea, where he plants, harvests, and packages rice for supply to major and small outlets across the country. He met his wife while working as casual laborers in the rice farms.

Alex’s fame on the radio has helped him build his brand name, making it easier for him to secure business deals and outlets for his products. His employees only need to mention his name, and businesspeople are immediately interested in doing business with him. He supports Kikuyu musicians by funding the production of their songs, a move that has helped to publicize his name and products.

Alex’s rice brand, Jamii Pishori Rice, is sold in major supermarkets like Naivas, Ouickmart,

Mulley’s, as well as other wholesalers and retailers. His ability to maximize the power of media and word-of-mouth publicity has made his products popular in the market.