Story of a Kenyan Man Who Quit a Bank Job to Sell Pencils in Nairobi -

Story of a Kenyan Man Who Quit a Bank Job to Sell Pencils in Nairobi

In a shocking turn of events, Edgar Otieno, a former banker at Barclays Bank, has left his prestigious position to pursue a humble career as a pencil vendor on the streets of Nairobi. This unexpected career move has garnered widespread attention and left online users astounded.

The 42-year-old Kenyan man, who had previously sold pencils before entering the banking industry, explained that he made the decision due to his dissatisfaction with his inadequate pay as a banker. Despite the allure of a well-respected job, Otieno felt the emotional toll of wearing a suit and tie every day without seeing a substantial increase in his income.

“Sometimes the trauma of wearing a big suit and tie every day while your pay does not increase is worse than losing your job entirely. In fact, try not to be envious of bankers when you see them driving expensive cars and wearing sharp clothes,” Otieno expressed.

According to a local media outlet, Otieno had been selling pencils on the streets since the age of 25, even before his foray into the banking industry. He would purchase pencils in bulk from a specific company and sell them on a commission basis. His exceptional sales skills earned him the title of the best agent on multiple occasions.

“In sales, people buy you before they buy whatever you are selling,” Otieno explained. “Some people wonder why I show up every morning sharply dressed yet my job involves chasing after customers and convincing them to buy pencils.”

Otieno firmly asserted that the meager compensation at Barclays Bank prompted his decision to resign and devote more time to his true passions. Despite leaving behind his former coworkers in the banking industry, Otieno holds no regrets about his transition to a more humble profession.

Witnesses from the banking industry confirmed Otieno’s previous career as a banker, acknowledging his subsequent shift to selling pencils without remorse.

This extraordinary story serves as a reminder that the pursuit of personal fulfillment and happiness sometimes takes precedence over societal expectations and materialistic pursuits. Edgar Otieno’s bold decision to prioritize his own aspirations has left many contemplating the true meaning of success and fulfillment in life.