Bridget Shighadi Confirms Breakup With boyfriend Nick Mutuma

Kenyan actress Bridget Shighadi has recently confirmed the end of her romantic relationship with her former partner and fellow actor, Nick Mutuma. During an interactive question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, Bridget openly stated that she is currently single and has been for quite some time.

In a previous interview conducted in 2021, Bridget revealed that she and Nick had decided to live together to raise their child, Dua, as a unified family. During this period, Bridget mentioned that Nick had even met her parents, and the couple had plans to formalize their commitment through marriage.

Speculation about the state of their relationship had been circulating since 2022. However, neither Bridget nor Nick addressed these rumors publicly.

Last June, during Bridget’s 31st birthday celebration, she subtly hinted at the seriousness of her split from Nick by embarking on a solo trip to Dubai. Notably, Nick did not publicly extend birthday wishes to Bridget as he had done during her grand 30th birthday celebration.

Furthermore, Bridget Shighadi chose to commemorate her birthday in Dubai without the presence of Nick. As fans began to speculate about their relationship status, Bridget finally confirmed the rumors by acknowledging that she and Nick are no longer together.