Mercy Kyallo Opens up on Dating Married Men And Sending Them Her Nudes 

The Kyallo sisters – Betty, Mercy, and Gloria engaged in a candid discussion about a leaked sex tape and other personal matters during an interview with Massawe Japanni.

Mercy expressed her opinion that there was nothing inherently wrong with having a sex tape. “No, it’s not that taking a sex tape is wrong,” she clarified. Betty playfully interjected, jokingly mentioning that Mercy had quite a collection of sex tapes. “This Mercy has taken them, she has them. If anyone wants Mercy’s sex tape, just take the phone. She even has it on DVD,” Betty teased.

Mercy went on to elaborate that having a sex tape wasn’t inherently bad, emphasizing the importance of being cautious with the data to prevent any unwanted leaks. “It’s not a bad thing; celebrate it. In our society, it’s like we talk about it as if sex doesn’t exist. We must hide it under the mattress, turn off the lights, pretend like it doesn’t exist. But it does, and it should be celebrated. You can tape Gloria in the future, Betty, you can tape too, just handle the data carefully,” Mercy explained.

During the conversation, Betty questioned Mercy about the existence of any sex tapes involving her. Mercy responded that she didn’t have any sex tapes but admitted to sharing intimate photos with men. “Honestly, do you have a sex tape out there?” Betty inquired. “No, but I have some photos of myself,” Mercy replied. Betty continued, asking if she had sent those photos to any guys, to which Mercy confirmed, “I sent.”

Massawe Japanni later asked Mercy if she had dated an older man before, and Mercy openly acknowledged that she had. Betty, adding her humorous touch, commented, “She has dated everyone.” Mercy expressed her regret that, in the past, she kept her relationships private due to fear of judgment and scrutiny. “A few years ago, I would have my relationships very private, and we would have amazing memories, beautiful pictures, but I never got to post them. They’re just sitting in my iPhone, aging away,” Mercy shared.

Massawe inquired about the reason behind not posting the relationships on social media. Mercy explained that she refrained from sharing them due to the potential for judgment and negative comments. When asked if she was dating the wrong men, Mercy clarified that posting about older men was challenging. She added a humorous touch, saying, “You mentioned someone with wrinkles doesn’t get anywhere.”

Mercy further revealed that she couldn’t post about the older men because most of them were married with families, sought after by people looking for second or third wives. “They are being sought after by people, maybe as a second or third wife,” Mercy disclosed.