Samidoh Explains Why He Always Spends Good Money On Himself And Enjoys Life Like There Is No Tomorrow

Samidoh, through his Facebook page, recently shared a photo of himself standing beside a car and delivered an important message to his fans. He emphasized the uncertainty of life and the unpredictable nature of death, urging his followers not to hoard money unnecessarily. Instead, he encouraged them to spend their resources wisely on activities that would benefit their well-being and overall health.

However, Samidoh also emphasized the importance of planning for the future. While it’s crucial to enjoy the present and invest in self-care, he reminded his audience that they have the potential to live long lives, possibly up to 90 years or even a century. With this in mind, he advised them to consider saving and investing their money wisely, ensuring financial security for the years to come.

Many have praised Samidoh as a wise public figure due to his thought-provoking statements, even amidst his well-known conflicts with his children’s mothers. Currently, Edday Nderitu’s wife has been residing in the United States for over a month, leaving a gap in his personal life. However, in recent times, politician Karena Nyamu has been frequently spotted accompanying the artist, seemingly stepping into the role of a legal partner.