Thee Pluto reveals Secrets to Making Millions at 22, Buying Posh Cars

Robert Ndegwa Kamau, better known as Thee Pluto, is a 22-year-old internet sensation who is not like any other young person. Despite his age, he has already achieved what many older individuals can only dream of. He is a hard-working individual who knows how to make the most of his opportunities.

When he started attending Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology and Agriculture (Jkuat) in 2017 to study economics, he had a lot of priorities. Coming from a background that could not provide him with the lifestyle he desired, he had to find ways to make extra income. He briefly modeled for commercial advertisements before opening a movie shop near Jkuat.

Unfortunately, his shop was robbed one night, causing him to defer his studies. However, he did not let this setback hold him back and soon secured a job that earned him Ksh5,000 per month. His hard work and dedication led to a salary increase and a managerial position. Additionally, he started helping companies grow their brands and eventually opened a cereal shop and clothing store in Nairobi.

What put him in the spotlight is his YouTube show, which has thousands of viewers daily. He is the king of the viral Loyalty Test challenge, where lovebirds exchange phones to see if their partner is cheating. The drama that unfolds in these episodes keeps viewers coming back for more.

In addition to his YouTube show, Pluto also does marketing for companies and trades in forex. He is now financially stable and has several side hustles that help him maintain the lifestyle he desires. He credits his success to having business mentors and encourages young people to stop relying on employment and start creating their own wealth.

Pluto is currently in his final semester at Jkuat and only attends classes when necessary. He also mentors his brother, who is in Form Four, and sends him on business negotiations for a commission. He opened up about his decision to become Muslim, explaining that he felt God was unfair after his grandmother passed away and he had doubts about the Christian God.