Karangu Muraya Gifts Goat Wife Brand New Car on Her Birthday

Numerous well known Kenyans have been going hard and fast while celebrating the birthdays of their loved ones and family as the years progressed and this has never been an exception.

From vehicles, to houses, to expensive brands of clothes or jewelery, Kenyans haven’t disappointed when it has doned on this area.

Yesterday, as indicated by available reliable reports that we have from the popular Kikuyu MC Karangu Muraya, he has ensured that his wife is well taken care of on her birthday.

The couple have been together through various challenges during the years till they made it and are currently living in luxury as it stands.

Trizah Muraya, who was celebrating her birthday , has been showered with love on her birthday from her husband, MC Karangu Muraya.

According to the available reliable reports that we have with us from MC Karangu Muraya, he has bought his wife a car as a surprise on her birthday.

Trizah Muraya was given the keys at a luxurious birthday celebration that was done in her honor at their home last night according to the reports.

The two, who are constantly seen together and have never been short of communicating their love for one another, have always shown their affection.

The Popular Kikuyu MC who also doubles up as a renowned Philanthropist, Karangu Wa Muraya’s wife Trizah was celebrating her birthday yesterday. We wish her nothing more than God’s blessings as she turns an year older.