A 63-year-old man arrested for cutting down trees worth Sh.1.5 million

A 63-year-old man has been arrested and detained at Laare Police Station in Meru County after he allegedly cut down eucalyptus trees worth Sh1.5 million
which were owned by the community dispensary at Athiru Rujine.

Musa Mkarimu claimed that he planted the trees in his father’s land which was later taken by the government.
Musa says he was compensated for the land but he did not receive any compensation for his property. 
He adds that his efforts to get assistance from various leaders were futile and that’s when he decided to cut them down. 
Area MCA Julius Kabira, however, condemned the action saying the trees were planted by members of the public and legal action must be taken against Musa. 
Musa will be arraigned at the Maua Law Court on Monday to answer the charges.

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