Sabina Chege Rescues A Woman From Being Circumcised By The ‘Mungiki’ Sect.

A cultural gang said to be a scion of the outlawed Mungiki Sect has re-emerged in some parts of the Larger central region.

According to reports, the sect is forcing women to get Circumcised or get ostracized by the society.

A recent case aired by K24 was where Murang’a County Women Rep, Sabina Chege rescued a lady who claimed to have reported the matter to an assistant chief but the chief advised her to undergo the cut.

It is said that the chief told her to ‘go and have the cut since it was no big deal and it would win her peace’.

Previously, there has been allegations that the outlawed sect has erupted in most areas specifically around Kaharati, Maragua, Kangema, Othaya, Kambiti, Tetu and Mathira.

Earlier last year, 2020, a group believed to be a branch of the Mungiki going by the name ‘Jeshi Ya Maisha MA Thii‘ had wrecked havoc in Maragua Sub-county.

Before being clipppled by the Murang’a County servicem, the deadly group had killed 15 residents around the area and left those opposed to their agendas nursing serious injuries.

This is not the first time that allegations of the re-insurgenceof the Mungiki Sect have been made.