Kamene Goro: “I Rejected Sh100 Million Offer To Have S*3x With a Man”

Kamene Goro, a presenter at Kiss FM radio, recently disclosed that an anonymous admirer approached her with a proposition to pay her $1 million (Sh100 million) in exchange for intimate relations.

While safeguarding the individual’s identity, Kamene shared a snapshot of the proposal she received in her inbox. A portion of the message stated, “I am not inclined towards committed relationships. Should you be open to my proposal, I am in this solely for enjoyment and some genuinely good times.”

According to the message, the mysterious individual intended to take her on a global tour and engage in intimate encounters, offering Sh100 million in return.

Despite the substantial monetary offer, Kamene declined, asserting that she prefers to earn her income through her own efforts.

“I presume this is the way some people operate and sustain themselves… This was my direct message this morning. 100 million shillings is a significant amount of money, my God, it’s a substantial sum. However, my God is diligently working, showering me with blessings, and my $1 million will come from the labor of my hands and heart,” she expressed.

The former TV anchor went on to encourage women to reject similar propositions, emphasizing that divine blessings from hard work surpass any material offers tied to one’s body.

“Ladies, let me tell you, whatever any man is offering you in exchange for your body, God will provide you ten times more through your endeavors! I promise you! Decline! Decline! Decline! God is working tirelessly to fulfill your dreams; you don’t need to compromise your principles to attain success.”

Kamene Goro’s revelation prompted diverse reactions from her followers, with some expressing skepticism about the authenticity of the secret admirer’s offer:

nellymuttai: It seems like a lie… People with that kind of money aren’t in the DMs.
paul_mugz: Take this money and let’s reduce the Chinese debt.
Kwambox: Recommend me. Some work I do with my hands, some with my…
the_real_wanjeri: Clitocurrency.
reypatrp: Do you realize how much land you’re rejecting on the North Coast?
kiano_._: And there are people being promised KC Coconut running away.