“Meet Yesu ‘Ninyandue’” – Kisii Gospel singer William Getumbe

Kenyan gospel singer William Getumbe’s recent song has ignited a wave of criticism on social media, prompting widespread condemnation. Numerous users have expressed their disapproval, urging Getumbe to refrain from toying with religious sentiments.

The controversial song, uploaded on YouTube on February 13, has triggered extensive discussions and the sharing of clips, with some individuals believing that Getumbe has overstepped boundaries.

One user, mupenziallen808, expressed deep concern, stating, “May you face God himself…and may God teach you a lesson that he is not a man that you should play with his name the way you want.” The user continued to emphasize the seriousness of the matter, warning that playing with the name of God deserves divine consequences.

Similarly, @johnkim1400 commented on the perceived moral decay in contemporary society, invoking a plea for divine mercy.

William Getumbe, recognized in musical circles as a worship leader, songwriter, composer, Gospel activist, actor, and producer, manages Billgets Records, featuring a portfolio of over 38 songs.

This controversy is not the first time Getumbe has faced public scrutiny. In 2022, he stirred controversy in Eldoret by taking to the streets wearing diapers as part of an awareness campaign on cancer, Fistula, and lifestyle diseases. Suffering from male fistula complications himself, Getumbe aimed to raise awareness about these health issues, albeit through unconventional means.

The image of Getumbe donning a Father’s Christmas cap and advocating at Eldoret West open-air market left many perplexed and divided, showcasing his inclination towards unconventional methods of communication.