Don’t lose hope- Sarafina De’mathew Tell Kenyans As She Releases Brand New Late De’mathew’s Song (Video).

Sarafina De’mathew has shared kind words with her fans as the hard economic cause massive frustrations countrywide.

Taking to her Facebook page, Sarafina told her fans not to lose hope and keep the faith.

She went on to release a new song by her late husband saying that the fans had never heard it before and will continue releasing songs which De’mathew left behind.

Notably, as early reported by, Jane De’mathew seems to be taking the footsteps of her late dad and celebrated benga artist, the late John De’mathew.

Jane had earlier released a new song titled ‘Niwetukirie‘ which has seen her get an overwhelming response from her fans who said that her voice is a reincarnation of her departed father.

Jane was introduced to Kenyans by her mother, Sarafina De’mathew who couldn’t hide how proud she was for seeing her daughter taking De’mathew’s footsteps.

Today, let me introduce you Kairitu Ka Daddy, Jane De’mathew to you. She is a very talented musician like her father and I am proud to be her mother. I am proud of the woman she is becoming,

Caroline said.

Notably, Sarafina and her Co-wife, have maintained a solid bond with each other unlike most women in a polygamous marriage who are always on each other’s neck.

The two have also in the recent past released a song as Co-wives in respect of their husband.