Akothee’s Daughter Fancy Makadia Speaks Out After new Reports of Her French Boyfriend Impregnating Her

Fancy Makadia, the third daughter of Kenyan songstress Akothee, recently addressed swirling pregnancy rumors sparked by her social media posts.

Fans had begun speculating about a potential pregnancy, noticing perceived changes in Fancy’s physique. However, Fancy took to Instagram to set the record straight.

In a playful audio clip reminiscent of Nicki Minaj’s style, Fancy humorously dismissed the rumors, quipping, “I’m not pregnant, I’m just enjoying life a bit too much.”

With a sarcastic laugh at the end of the clip, Fancy effectively put an end to the speculation.

This clarification came amidst the excitement surrounding Fancy’s engagement to her French beau, Faïrouz Vivian Ligali Ali.

Akothee had previously predicted that Fancy would be the first of her daughters to settle down, and her engagement has indeed brought this prophecy to fruition.

In a heartwarming video shared on social media, Fancy proudly flaunted her engagement ring, sharing her elation with her followers.

The announcement sparked a wave of congratulatory messages from fans, as well as from Fancy’s own mother and sisters.

While the engagement signifies a significant milestone for Fancy, she hinted at a longer timeline for the wedding.

In a humorous nod to her finances as an engaged graduate student, Fancy joked about the possibility of planning a wedding in 2025.

The engagement festivities in December were nothing short of extravagant, with Fancy orchestrating a delightful surprise celebration for Fayrouz.