Kisii Lady Claims Brian Chira Was Father of Her 2-Year-Old Child, Asks His Family for Help from his 8 million fundraiser

Following the unexpected passing of TikTok luminary Brian Chira, Naomi steps forward to offer a heartfelt reflection on her relationship with the departed online sensation. Naomi unveils herself as the mother of Chira’s child, shedding light on their brief yet significant liaison.

As per Naomi’s account, she first encountered Chira in April 2022 at the Redlion Lounge, a popular club nestled in Kiambu county. “He proposed we retreat to a room in Banana where we shared a pleasant time. In the midst of our inebriation, we spent the night together. Regrettably, I conceived his child,” she reveals.

In the aftermath of their rendezvous, Naomi discloses that she gave birth to a baby boy, whom she has been nurturing as a single parent. Despite providing Chira with her contact details, she laments his absence in their lives post that fateful evening. “I have endeavored to provide our son with the best that life can offer, but it has been an uphill battle. My family ostracized me long ago when I was pregnant with another child, leaving me devoid of familial support,” she recounts.

Enduring financial hardships through sporadic employment, Naomi voices her aspiration to establish a connection with Chira’s relatives, particularly his grandmother, in the hope of securing aid for their son.