Waithaka Wa Jane Reveals About His Marital Status – WIFE, CHILDREN

Waithaka Wa Jane, the renowned Kikuyu Mugithi singer and skilled guitarist hailing from Murang’a, recently faced a devastating loss when he tragically lost his son just a few weeks ago. In this challenging time, his dedicated fans extended their heartfelt condolences to him and his grieving family.

In a noteworthy turn of events reported by the Gikuyu Online News YouTube channel, Waithaka took to his Facebook page to share a cryptic message that left his fans in a state of bewilderment, pondering the circumstances surrounding his relationship with the child’s mother. In this enigmatic message, he expressed, “Where should bachelors seek solace in this cold weather when Karangu Muraya took my Muthoni Kirumba? I offer my apologies to Wakatura wa Nyutu.”

This intriguing post prompted a flurry of responses in the comment section, and one particularly intriguing comment came from Muthoni Kirumba herself, a follower of Waithaka. She humorously suggested, “Perhaps you should consider adding more milk to your tea today, and tomorrow we can embark on a road trip to Naivasha.”

Amidst the grief and mystery, it seems that life may still hold moments of joy and connection for Waithaka Wa Jane, as his fans rally around him during this difficult period.