Boda boda gang shoots, kills KDF soldier in Utawala
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Boda boda gang shoots, kills KDF soldier in Utawala

A Kenya Defense Forces officer died after been shot by armed robbers in Nairobi’s Utawala estate.

Senior private Joseph Mwangi Thitu,was heading back home at around 8 pm when a group of three on a motorcycle confronted him and demanded a bag he was carrying.

Police and witnesses said a fight followed after the officer resisted the attempt to rob him.

“He resisted prompting one of the thugs to shoot at him where he fell on the ground. The thugs then made away with the bag and boarded their motorcycle and sped off towards mawe mbili direction,” reads a police report.

Watchmen who were on duty in a nearby supermarket said they heard the gunshots, when they rushed to the seen whereby they found the soldier lying on the ground in gunshot wounds. They immediately took him to a clinic where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

Analysts deployed to the scene didn’t recuperate any used cartridge. They however recovered the deceased phone and some ksh 37,000 in his pocket.

His body was moved to the City Mortuary for an autopsy examination and a manhunt is on going for the gang.

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