“It Will Cost You ksh.997 Million To Break akothees Daughter Rue Baby’s Virginity” Akothee Reveals Shocking

Rue Baby, also known as Agrrey Dion Okello, the second daughter of the esteemed singer and entrepreneur Akothee, has stirred discussions by placing a significant value of Ksh 997 million on her virginity. This revelation surfaced during an interview with a reporter from Hivipunde TV, sparking varied reactions.

Akothee, standing by her daughter’s decision, defended it by stating that setting a value for the dignity of daughters is a customary practice observed by parents globally. Rue Baby’s worth has notably risen from Ksh 990 million in 2022. Those interested in engaging with this proposition are invited to communicate their intentions via email at

In a recent development, Esther Akoth, renowned as Akothee, a prominent figure in Kenya’s music and business scene, penned a heartfelt letter to her three daughters. This letter, shared across Akothee’s social media platforms, reflects her deep admiration for her daughters, recognizing them as the women she brought into this world.

Within the letter, Akothee articulates her aspirations for her daughters, delineating the paths she envisions for their success and prosperity.