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Prophet Owuor Prophecies Resurgence of Mungiki: says God Has Shown Him Masses of Mungiki Overpowering Police

Prophet David Edward Owuor, the spiritual leader of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry church, recently shared a prophecy concerning the potential resurgence of the Mungiki sect in Kenya.

In a broadcast interview on Jesus is Lord radio on March 25, 2024, Prophet Owuor conveyed his divine revelation: “Beloved, the Almighty Jehovah has spoken to me. I have seen a resurgence of the Mungiki. The Lord has revealed to me a sweeping movement of Mungiki members going from door to door. The vision was astonishing; they appeared in great numbers, overwhelming security measures.”

Owuor stressed the importance of repentance, suggesting that this resurgence could be averted if people heed the divine call and turn to God.

“The Lord calls for repentance, which is why He reveals these things in advance, so that they may not come to pass. The security apparatus could be prepared, and people could seek divine intervention,” he affirmed.

The Mungiki sect, originating in the 1990s as a religious group primarily comprising youths from Central Kenya and Nairobi regions, was outlawed in 2002 following its classification as a criminal organization by Kenyan authorities.

In 2007, a police crackdown resulted in the deaths of over 100 suspected Mungiki members after the group was implicated in a series of killings in central Kenya.