Pastor Kanyari: I almost demolished the Sh 15 million house I bought for my ex after breakup

Pastor Victor Kanyari, a controversial figure, has once again caught the public’s attention, this time by opening up about a past relationship in a recent interview. Known for his outspoken nature, Kanyari didn’t shy away from discussing his romantic history, shedding light on the ups and downs of his love life and the aftermath of his breakups.

In the interview, Kanyari revealed that he had been romantically involved with seven women, with four of them living abroad and two in Kenya. Despite these relationships, he confessed to having children with only one woman, whom he chose not to identify out of respect for her current marriage.

“I’ve had seven girlfriends in Kenya. Four of them are not here. I didn’t have children with them, just with one. I won’t mention her name because she’s married,” Kanyari disclosed.

One notable relationship Kanyari mentioned was with Betty Bayo, a prominent Kikuyu musician, with whom he shares two children. Reflecting on his past, Kanyari shared instances of lavish generosity towards his former partners, including buying expensive cars and even a mansion in Nairobi’s Eastlands area for one of them.

“I bought them all cars; for the last one, I bought a house in Greenspan Estate worth Sh15 million. After we broke up, I left her with the house,” he confessed.

Despite his generosity, Kanyari admitted to struggling with the temptation to demolish the mansion he had gifted to his ex-partner during the dissolution of their relationship. However, he ultimately chose not to go through with it, concerned about the potential scandal and negative publicity it could attract.

“I was tempted to demolish the house. I thought about getting a bulldozer and destroying it,” Kanyari acknowledged.