Makena: Michelle Ntalami is not my ‘wife’ -
Makena: Michelle Ntalami is not my ‘wife’
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Makena: Michelle Ntalami is not my ‘wife’

Gay activist Makena Njeri has discredited claims Marini Natural founder Michelle Ntalami is her ‘wife’.

In a radio interview with Masawe Japanni, the Ex-Tahidi High actress additionally stressed on it is wrong for people to insinuate or assume and conclude on aspects of her life.

“Ni makosa sana kusema kwamba huyo (Michelle) ni bibi yangu (It is wrong to say Michelle is my wife),” said the former British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist.

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She however affirmed they are very good friends, friends with benefit if you may.

“We are very very good friends and if you go to my Instagram, you will find that I have posted so many people. I live my life very openly. If it comes a time when I will need to introduce my wife publicly, I will,” she said.

The speculations came after Makena posted intriguing pictures with Ntalami on several events, accompanied with suggestive captions.

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In a different meeting, Michelle has likewise denied dating Makenda, saying she prefers dating men.