Why Raburu’s wife was having ‘trouble’ getting pregnant.

Content Creator Ivy Namu has shared her candid journey of motherhood, revealing both the joys and challenges she experienced along the way.

When she and her husband Willis Raburu decided they were ready to start a family, they eagerly embarked on the journey of parenthood. However, despite their efforts, Ivy faced difficulties conceiving. It turned out that she had extra progesterone hormones, which hindered her from getting pregnant as her body assumed she was already carrying a child. Seeking medical advice and treatment from a gynecologist, Ivy eventually became pregnant with her first child.

Reflecting on the unexpected news of her second pregnancy, Ivy admitted feeling shocked and unprepared. Just six months after welcoming her first child, Mali, she found herself expecting again. The news triggered feelings of guilt, as she worried about not having given enough time and attention to Mali. She blamed herself for the surprise pregnancy but found support from her husband, who was delighted by the news.

Sharing her struggles with “mum guilt,” Ivy confessed that she yearned to spend quality time with Mali while anticipating the arrival of her second child. This emotional rollercoaster left her feeling constantly fatigued. Thankfully, Ivy did not experience morning sickness during her second pregnancy, but the emotional intensity made it crucial for her to be intentional about her time with Mali before becoming a mom for the second time.

Juggling motherhood and the desire to overcompensate for the impending arrival, Ivy found the balancing act emotionally challenging. Mali’s constant need for attention and being carried added to the complexity of her situation. Nevertheless, with the unwavering support of her family, she managed to navigate these hurdles.

Through the ups and downs of her motherhood journey, Ivy Namu remains grateful for the love and assistance she receives from her husband and family. Her story exemplifies the real and raw emotions that accompany parenthood, showing that even amidst challenges, the bond of a loving family can provide strength and comfort.