My husband was an alcoholic for four years and this is what I did to make him stop drinking and become a good man

Every woman who has lived with an alcoholic husband knows how tough it is. It is tough because the husband loses a sense of dignity, he stops providing in the family because any money he gets he uses it on buying alcohol and even for some alcoholic husbands, they become promiscuous and violent.

This was my husband for four years. When we got married, John, my husband was the best man in the world. He was not into drugs but was a very dedicated and honest man who loved me so much. However, three years after we got married, he started going to bars to drink and have fun with other women. mature woman with headache at home - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Three months after he had started drinking, he was recklessly drinking that he would sleep in sewage tunnels and people would call me early in the morning to go pick my husband since he had fallen while walking home due to drunkenness. His obsession with alcohol became so serious that he lost his job after appearing to work while drunk twice.

I talked to him to go to rehab so that he could control his thirst for beer but even after enrolling in the rehabilitation centre for six months he came back and bounced back to his drinking habits. This time, it was even worse, he would get robbed and even sleep with ladies he did not know while drunk.

Our family grew very poor because any money he was getting he was using it to buy alcohol. I was already fed up with him and I was slowly deciding to leave him since he had made my life difficult.

He continued being an alcoholic for four more years and one day, I decided to leave him because he was not changing despite him promising he would change and quit drinking. I called his mother and told him I was leaving his son since his drinking problems had become such a nuisance to me. She begged me not to leave and instead asked me to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would help my husband stop drinking. senior woman looking through the window - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

“My daughter, I know your husband’s drinking problem has greatly affected your life and you should see Doctor Mugwenu who could quench your husband’s thirst for alcohol,” my mother-in-law said.

I decided to try out her idea since I was already fed up by my husband’s behaviour. She sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and I called him on +254 740637248 where he assured me, he would reform my husband in a matter of days. I met him the next day after we talked where he cast a spell that would take away my husband’s desire of alcohol.

That evening, my husband came home, he was mildly drunk though. The next day, he stayed home the whole day and when I asked him whether he was going to the bar, he told me he had made a decision to quit drinking and make his life better.

I thought he was kidding but in the few days that followed, he stayed home, applied for jobs and even said he was sorry for making my life difficult with his alcoholism. As I write, I am very proud of my husband since he recently got a job and he has been sober for a year. A million thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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